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Commercial Coatings:

We understand commercial establishments’ need for durable coatings that (without sacrificing performance) requires minimal down time. Our coating technology offers the ultimate durability and the least amount of down time in the commercial coatings market.

Ground Force One™ specializes in fast-cure comercial concrete coatings. Our industrial grade polyaspartic coating is superior to all other coating systems available. Our polyaspartc coatings allow us to install a three coat system in as little as just one day. Patented technology allows our customers a return to service in as few as 24 hours. Our garage systems are available in many different colour and finishes. Our finished product is a floor that is resistant to a wide array of chemicals, including oil and gasoline, and it’s easy to clean & maintain.

Consider Our Coatings for Your:
• Automotive shops

• Showrooms

• Animal kennels/shelters
• Commercial kitchens/restrooms

• Parking garages

• Retail spaces
Chemical Resistant

GF1 coatings are resistant to oil and gas  and a vast array of other chemicals. Our coatings are non-slip, and safe to work on.

Our polyaspartic coatings do not harbour bacteria growth, and they don’t require harsh chemicals to clean.
Superior Abrasion Resistance

4 times greater the abrasion resistance and wear of traditional epoxy and urethane systems.
Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our coatings clean with water or a mild eco-friendly detergent. They are almost maintenance free.
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